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The musical work that I perform as ARKAWA, is based on the fusion of instruments and ethnic music from different countries of the world, with more than 25 years of musical trajectory, I seek to transmit my knowledge and thus contribute with the cultural diffusion of our peoples.

One of the most significant means to fulfill this purpose is to make known to the new generations my artistic journey through the "Workshop - Exhibition of Instruments of the World", a musical project with a multicultural profile, which for pedagogical purposes, integrates Conceptual content and musical interpretation of more than fifty native instruments, an auditory journey through the cultures of Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.

That is why I put to your consideration the execution of this project, which has the following characteristics:


Target audience: --People with no age limit

Duration: 60 minutes.

Methodology:       --Presentation of musical instrument (origin, historical context material of manufacture)

                                --Interpretation of more representative instruments (fragment or complete piece)

Logistics requirements: --1 Microphone, Video Beam

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